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      Shandong Shuiyuan New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.

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      Shenxian Shuiyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded under the cooperation and investment of Taiwanese businessmen. There are 2 subsidiaries now: Liaocheng Shuiyuan Furaldehyde Co., Ltd. and Juye Luyuan Liangkang Biochemical Co., Ltd.  Liaocheng Shuiyuan Furaldehyde Co., Ltd. was registered on June 23, 2009, with office in the Liangshui Township Industrial Park of Dongchangfu District in Liaocheng city in the joint place between Yellow River and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Juye Luyuan Liangkang Biochemical Co., Ltd. was registered on September 9, 2009, with office in the Coal Chemical Industrial Park of Juye County of Heze city in Shandong province.

      Located in the Chemical Industrial Park of Zhaocheng town of Shen County in Shandong Province, Shenxian Shuiyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and convenient transportation for we are only 20km and 5km away from Yanggu Station of Beijing-Kowloon Railway and crossing of Deshang Expressway, and very close to Linshang Road and Qinan Road. Taking Corn cob as main material, we are a specialized manufacturer of 2-Furaldehyde and Dibenzoylmethane with 80,040sqm of lands. The main production plants are: Dibenzoylmethane production plant, methanol acetic acid production plant, crushing plant, material yard, switching room and other production auxiliary facilities. With a total building area of 38,364sqm and a total investment of CNY 330 million, this project (after it is put into production) will be able to produce 30,000 tons of Furaldehyde and 10,000 tons of Dibenzoylmethane, and offer CNY 80 million of profits and benefits every year

      2-Furaldehyde: It was originally from rice bran and acid thermal system, so called 2-Furaldehyde. The main raw material for the production is corn cob and other agricultural products. There are a variety of synthetic methods. 2-Furaldehyde is the most important derivative of furan ring system, chemically active, can produce many derivatives by oxidation and condensation reaction, is widely used in resins, liquid crystal casting (cars, ships, aircraft, various engine, weapons, wind power, high-speed rail), synthetic plastics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other industries.

      NDRC encourages the development of the use of lead-free plastic stabilizer. As the stabilizer for the production of plastics, Dibenzoylmethane is the only alternative of drinking plastic, which is concerned about the health of 1.3 billion people, with features as environmental protection and safety. At present, all domestic plastic products contain lead, such as drinking bottles, drinking fountains, infusion sets and water pipelines. On November 27, 2003, the EU has officially announced the "retirement of leaded plastic stabilizer" (WEEE), and National Development and Reform Commission issued a total ban on the use of leaded drinking plastic stabilizer since July 11, 2015. At present, there are only 5 or less manufacturers in China for Dibenzoylmethane; thus the market prospect is very broad and has great potential for development.

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